MN S.F. 3524

4/14/16MinnesotaUnmanned Aerial Systems (UAS)In Senate; Introduction; Referred to FinancePermit required. A person is prohibited from operating an unmanned aircraft system for a commercial purpose in this state unless the person possesses a valid commercial operator permit issued by the Department of Transportation for the unmanned aircraft system being operated. An unmanned aircraft system operated for commercial purposes must be registered for an annual fee of $25 and provide proof of a sales tax payment. Every person who: operates an unmanned aircraft system either on or over land or water in this state without the consent of the owner of such aircraft; knowingly operates an unmanned aircraft system with a certificate of registration issued by the commissioner of transportation that is canceled, revoked, suspended, or altered; operates any unmanned aircraft system in such a manner as to indicate either a willful or a wanton disregard for the safety of persons or property; carries on or over land or water in this state in an aircraft other than a public aircraft any explosive substance; launches or recovers an unmanned aircraft system from state or private property without consent; or interferes with manned aircraft by willfully damaging, disrupting the operations of, or otherwise interfering with a manned aircraft while taking off, landing, in flight, or otherwise in motion, through the use of an unmanned aircraft system; except as may be permitted by other laws of this state, is guilty of a misdemeanor.DefeatedD. Scott Dibble