OK H.B. 1295

2/3/15OklahomaUnmanned Aerial Systems (UAS)In House; Second Reading referred to Public SafetyAn Act relating to aircraft; creating the Oklahoma Unmanned Aerial Surveillance Act; defining terms; requiring use of unmanned aerial vehicles to comply with Federal Aviation Administration rules; prohibiting agent of state from using unmanned aerial vehicle; proscribing information disclosure; providing exceptions; limiting use in exceptions provided; barring facial recognition and other matching technology on nontargets; excluding equipping unmanned aerial vehicle with weapons; providing exception; blocking use of information gathered in violation of the act as evidence; granting exception for exculpatory evidence; permitting operation and disclosure of information in emergency situations; listing scenarios for emergency situation; terminating operation once information is gathered or warrant is acquired; deeming certain information to be obtained in violation of the act; requiring inventory; providing for delay in notification if adverse result might occur; specifying what constitutes an adverse result; allowing extensions of delayed notification; directing delivery of notice to subject of collected information; detailing contents of notice; mandating proceeding to determine disciplinary action for violation of act; prescribing punishment and fine for violations of act; permitting civil action for violations of act; awarding attorney fees and costs to prevailing party; directing recordkeeping for each use of an unmanned aerial vehicle; listing contents of record; requiring record to be retained for specified time; providing for release of record through the Oklahoma Open Records Act; mandating records be given to the Administrator of the Courts annually; prescribing record to be retained for minimum length of time; directing release of record through an Open Records Act request; providing for codification; and providing an effective date.DefeatedWesselhoft