WI S.B. 498

This bill prohibits the operation of drones over a state correctional institution. Any person who violates this prohibition may be required to forfeit not more than $5,000. Also, a law enforcement officer investigating an alleged violation of this provision is required to seize and transfer to the Department of Corrections any visual representation or data that represents a visual image that was created or recorded by a drone during the alleged violation. This bill also authorizes a city, village, town, or county (political subdivision) to enact an ordinance designating an area within its jurisdiction as an area over which the operation of a drone is limited and imposing limitations on the operation of drones over the designated area. The ordinance may not apply to the operation of a drone by the state, an agency of the state, or a public safety agency or the operation of a drone with the consent of the owner of the property over which the drone is operated. A political subdivision may provide a forfeiture of not more than $2,500 for each violation of a drone operation ordinance.